1929 Franklin

The Ultimate Antique Wedding Carriage

This antique wedding carriage is fully air conditioned and is royally appointed with all the finest amenities, just like all Rolls Livery bridal cars.

This ultra luxurious horseless touring  carriage was considered one of the finest means of transportation of its day!

It was the Roaring 20’s. Money was no object! In fact,  The Franklin, The Duisenberg, The Lincoln and The Cadillac all sold for 10-20 times the price of regular vehicles of the time.

The Rearing Lion (the hood mascot) reminded all that this was the king of cars and represents the best of the best of a bygone era.

1925 Franklin Wedding Carraige

The 1929 Franklin antique wedding carrriage is adorned in Antique White with stunning gold accents.  The interior is ‘Ultra Wedding White’ for superlative beauty and excellence.  Even the entry is made from rear coach doors which open from the center providing you an elegant entry/exit.

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